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Learn these 6 Key secrets and techniques for building a winning team … create the right structure for the growth of your business today.

Give your Team an Action Plan

Learn strong Leadership qualities - Leaders often think about the future and help others to see it as well

Create SMART Common Goals to get your team on board and keep them!

Create a close knit team that are as involved with your business as you are

Define the right risks for your business for continuous improvement and growth

Learn business skills that will help you:

Define the rules of the game so your team can exercise their own judgement and take their own initiative.

“Having Andrew Laurie and his team as one of your business' specialists ensures your business is on the road to being the best it can be.

Lift Your Company to the Next Level

~ Deanna Waters, Owner, Pinstripe Creative

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Key information on creating a winning team, all in one place.

Lift Your Company to the Next Level

Successful entrepreneur, former CEO of a multi-billion dollar business, executive coach,extreme sports fanatic, adventurer, charity leader, husband and dad. Passionate about helping business owners, empowering young Australians and having lots of free time to climb rock faces, sail, ski and play backyard cricket with his 2 boys.

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Andrew Laurie, CEO

Amy Common

I thought it was fantastic and have already acquired new knowledge and motivation and inspiration....Really fantastic; I’m so happy to be involved. Really engaging and well organized.

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Lift Your Company to the Next Level